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"The Cousins second album is a masterful mix of the beautiful to the brazen. If Jim Morrison, Roy Orbison, The Beach Boys, Morrisey, and the Carpenters, had an orgy, their inbreed children would most certainly be The Cousins"


- The MetaMag -

Harland and Kevin are 1st cousins on their mother's side, Susy and Lorraine O'Donnell. The boys grew up together playing and singing since they were in their teens. At first it was just for fun but soon their seductive sound became too overwhelming for anyone who heard it and The Cousins were forced to go into the studio and create music for the whole world to hear.

With Kevin the master of the music and Harland the master of the lyrics, The Cousins push their talents together like two electric eels eating frogs legs in the bottom of a slime covered swamp.

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